All Star Development Model

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A progression-focused, safe and healthy path for long-term athlete development in All Star.

All Star cheer is still young compared to other youth sports. Its growth and evolution necessitated sport specific unity through improved safety guidelines, age divisions, competition standards, and more, and established the need for a governing body to encourage and support both standardization and growth in an emerging youth sport. At our current point in the evolution of All Star, it has become necessary that we refocus attention to how athletes safely and successfully progress through the developmental stages of All Star in ways that increase the number of athletes entering the sport and to lengthen the time they enjoy its benefits.

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The overarching goal is to establish a model and structure that promotes, encourages and supports the physical, emotional and mental development of athletes at every age and level in All Star, with these benefits:

  • Offerings that provide easy access and opportunity for all athletes interested in All Star
  • A fun, welcoming sport with a well structured environment focused on safety
  • Utilizes best practices to align performance skills with athlete physical and mental growth and readiness
  • Clubs that collaborate with coaches, parents and athletes to ensure a positive, full and years-long experience in All Star

Stages of Athlete Development in All Star

We will introduce stages for athletes to discover, learn, compete, excel and thrive in All Star in ways that encourage a lifelong connection to the sport. These stages drive and support the creation of the new offerings of FUNdamentals and Novice divisions as the introduction to All Star. The stages also correlate with the ages at which athletes move through divisions and levels defined in the Age Grid.

What's Next

With inspiration from Athlete Development Models of other youth sports, USASF is creating the All Star Development Model that addresses the uniqueness of our sport. Our new program offerings and new alignment of ages are the foundation and first step in presenting our All Star Development Model. We will lay out the stages of development with recommendations for successful implementation in your program.

The key is for the USASF, its member Clubs, Coaches, Parents and Athletes to work together to train and nurture the whole athlete. It is our collective responsibility to prepare individual athletes for success inside and outside of All Star. We look forward to taking the journey with you as we continue to evolve and expand All Star.

Athlete Progression

New opportunities allowing the freedom to structure teams and place athletes so that programs, and the sport, grow and expand.


Athlete Progression

New opportunities allowing the freedom to structure teams and place athletes so that programs, and the sport, grow and expand.

All StarFundamentals

Discover. Learn. Grow.

All Star Novice

Challenge. Explore. Elevate.

All Star Prep

Train. Compete. Succeed.

All Star Elite

Achieve. Excel. Master.


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